BANDAU, Joachim

*1936 in Cologne

Working on Perception
The "Bagan Lacquer" Objects in the Sculptural Work of Joachim Bandau
Invar-Torre Hollaus

Since the end of the 1960s, a distinguishing characteristic of the sculptural work of Joachim Bandau has been the unity of various work groups that display extraordinary diversity at the same time. Although to judge from their outward appearance and the completely different materials used each of these groups of works shows a high degree of individuality, their contents reveal that they have more in common than we would initially think. The stylistic diversity does not strike us as random in any way. It is rather the expression of the artist’s critical reception of his own creative work and the ongoing search for new possibilities of formulation. It speaks for the artist that, in this endeavor, he is never satisfied with tried- and-true solutions. On the contrary, showing great curiosity, an urge towards discovery, subtle intuition, but also perseverance and risk, he repeatedly experiments with materials he has never used before. Thus, he imbues his works with their own dynamics and vitality. This is how Joachim Bandau not only manages to define his artistic work in ever new ways, always positioning it anew within the context of contemporary art, but above all succeeds in linking his individual periods of creation to form a complex, coherent overall work oriented to dialogue.

Departing from one of his, to date, newest groups of works called "Bagan Lacquer" - consisting of works in wood lacquered with Burmese resin and conceived as objects for the wall - the intention is to explain both the various aspects of perception, as well as the physical and visual materialization of the sculptures. These manifest themselves here in a particularly concise way, but they are also a logical and characteristic pattern of development in the overall work of the artist.

Catalogue, Joachim Bandau, Quodlibet, 2008 (p. 47)

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Bagan Lacquer works
Bronze sculptures
Watercolour paintings

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