SCHÖN, Jürgen

*1956 in Riesa

Between the objects, the things surrounding them, and the architectural space, a visual exchange takes place which affects the form but not the meaning. The works by Jürgen Schön call on us to venture forward through habit to things, and still remain aesthetic artefacts with an unusually intensive power of expression. These immobile objects and drawings allow the observer to occupy a large number of standpoints. They are not only fascinating on account of the texture dictated by the materials used, and the reduced use of colour, but also because they point to the activity of the observer, the procedure of perception itself, and show us that we do not find what we search for in things, but the manner in which we search. (Ralph Lindner)

Available works (More works available on request)
Works on paper
Paper objects
Works on wood

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External Exhibitions
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Mar 10 Ausstellungsbeteiligung: Jürgen Schön,
Dresdner Kupferstich-Kabinett

Mar 09 Pinakothek der Moderne - Graphik, Munich
Sep 07 in the Residenzenschloß Dresden. Kupferstich-Kabinett.
Nov 05 Jürgen Schön, Kunstverein Mannheim
May 04 Artfair "Art Frankfurt", Frankfurt
Jan 04 Leonardi Museum Dresden
Oct 03 pars pro toto. Sculptures

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